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  • Keto Platform v5 overview

    The Keto Platform v5 combines process, portfolio, resource, budget and risk management in one elegant console. Together with enterprise and public sector customers, we have designed a seamless BI platform with a comprehensive feature set, all fully integrated – not bolt on, blades or disparate acquired technologies.

    Across the platform you’ll find the same familiar human-centric Keto UX, designed for remote working, and the same underlying architecture and data model. It’s all rapid to adopt and highly flexible with no-code configuration and easy third-party integrations.

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  • Data model

    Your programme and project information and classification data model is a core feature in the Keto Platform. We help you to configure and customise your data model to fit your business processes and comply with your enterprise architecture.

    Under the hood there are a variety of fields available that are easily customisable with no coding. How your detailed programme, project and idea data is configured interacts with functions, like filtering in portfolio views, permissions, project log diary, resource links, attachment behaviour, team definitions and access rights etc. PMs can simplify and harmonise project planning with ready-made WBS models with task timeline templates, risk analysis templates etc.

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  • Dashboards

    Our business intelligence tools include dashboards, interactive and intuitive data visualisations and analytics that give you actionable insight and immediate paths to act to deliver on strategy. Collect, visualise and analyse complex data sets, take snapshots, intuitively filter, monitor performance against strategy, track and identify trends, forecast and then drill down into granular data and, yes, if you’re hungry for more, there are plenty of doughnuts and pies!

    Beautiful dashboards are a given with Keto Software – throughout the platform. During implementation we help you configure your favourite views fast with user group-based view permissions. There’s no need for code, so it’s easy to add and optimise dashboards on the fly. It’s also easy to work with multifunction charts that offer interactive filtering and drill-downs into projects, budget, resources and risk. It’s straightforward to visualise and analyse any of your complex data, like budget distribution, ideas by theme, status reports, projects by manager etc. etc.

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  • Kanban boards

    Our flexible Kanbans are a great tool to help optimise processes, limit work in progress and accelerate delivery. Keto Kanbans are elegant and a joy to use. They are lightning fast and straightforward to tweak and optimise.

    Of course, your Kanbans are seamlessly integrated with your task timelines and automatically visible in sprints. You can easily flip views and pop dashboards, drill into task status and resource reports to take a more detailed view, or zoom out to for a holistic view on project and portfolio status.

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  • Time analysis      

    To compare planned and actual hours, easily access timesheets, customise time reports and run timesheet approval processes, we have comprehensive feature set – all with the familiar intuitive Keto feel and unparalleled flexibility.

    PMO leaders and project managers can make approvals fast, easily view spent vs planned hours calculations, analyse remaining allocations, report on effort per time unit, easily access day/week/month views etc. Staff members can enter data straight into customisable Keto timesheets or you have the option of integration with time recording applications, like SAP, or other legacy ERPs.

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  • Admin & configuration     

    At the heart of Keto Software there are many highly flexible configuration options. At a high level there are primary processes, and then support processes and workflows. These are typically critical business processes, either copied in Keto, optimised in Keto or built for the first time with Keto. Our professional services experts typically work closely with key admin users responsible for specifications to define and configure your instance to fit your needs.

    There are myriad organisation-related admin options. You can customise individual calendar views, adapt special calendars, design cost centres, define owners for resource approvals, configure locations, create functions, articulate competencies, define reports, configure logs, trigger notifications and of course, orchestrate users, permissions, onboarding and offboarding.

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  • Roadmaps

    Roadmap view offers a convenient overview of the project portfolio. Keto Software portfolio roadmap views are easy to configure with no coding. They are used by PMOs and heads of R&D&I, and are ideal for business decision-makers and stakeholders to see a snapshot of your project portfolio.

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  • Timesheets

    Project workers can use Keto Software timesheets to easily enter their hours data. They can simply add tasks from projects by free selection or have their options automatically populated by the right projects and tasks based on their assignments and permissions. You can also integrate with external ERPs and other back office systems.

    Managers can easily access timesheet status, analyse completion rates, track business-as-usual etc. You can use ready reports to easily deliver timesheet reports to stakeholders.


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  • Continuous reporting

    Our approach with the Keto Platform is that reporting is always on, always ready. You get easy access to instant reports with your branding, you can easily export the info you need to give to CxOs for steering and decision making. Of course, your data is always available in stunning dashboards, portfolio views, extracts etc. You can get rid of painful XLS and PPT charts, save time and much more easily demonstrate value. We dramatically cut down the reporting workload for portfolio managers, PMOs and PMO assistants.

    During implementation we help tailor your library of reports to fit your culture. More reports can be built with no coding. Some of our favourites are project-on-a-page status reports that can include e.g. easy access to earlier versions, metrics, project status with resources, timing, open issues, risk, change requests, task status, late tasks, project details, budget, activities, milestones, project benefits, and more – all in a compact summary. On a portfolio level you can easily select the projects you want included. Choose your template, export to PDF, instantly email stakeholders. Simple.

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  • Resource optimisation    

    The Keto Platform has powerful features for you to revolutionise how you orchestrate your resource, user and activity loads. As usual we help rapidly configure Keto to optimise your processes and reporting needs.

    You can easily combine several views for unallocated hours, contracted, approved, planned against spent hours, or to compare project hours against basic hours, project loading etc. You can run instant or scheduled resource utilisation reports, compare individual hours against weekly quotas, compare planned, requested and performed effort, analyse how competencies have been allocated vs capacity, and more to meet the demands of our stakeholders.

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  • Risk analysis

    Some of customers choose Keto Software for our highly intuitive risk management features. You can use the risk register feature in the Keto Platform v5 to helps you manage risk with tools to help you evaluate risk probability and impact – and make effective decisions.

    You can easily configure risk drivers, view probability against impact, view mitigation status, report on programme and project risk, analyse preventative actions, and easily compare risk metrics across the portfolio and your average-max risk distribution.

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  • Resource allocation

    You can use our resource allocation features so that managers can make user-based, availability-based or competency-based requests, and fully orchestrate drafts and approvals. You get a holistic view of the success of your resource allocation processes.

    There are lots of customisation options, like day offs, time bands etc. Based on your needs, you can use Keto from your allocation processes and WBS creation down to analysis and reports on the working capacity of individuals. There’s also the option to integrate with legacy HR/ERP systems to e.g. retrieve calendar information for individual users.

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  • Quality & audit

    Keto Software gives you a full log of user activities under the hood. Our open integrated data model means you have powerful options for efficiency gains as well as for compliance.

    You can use our audit features for project quality assurance, to track modifications for compliance purposes or to track and review decision-making processes. In POC and implementation we’ll help you configure Keto to digitise highly effective audit processes. We are fortunate to have a lot of experience with e.g. enterprise quality assurance processes that we can leverage to support you.

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  • SSO & MFA

    We designed the Keto Platform v5 with SAML 2.0/O356 to enable seamless SSO on authentication. User and user group data can be synced to Azure AD/LDAP/O365 with roles and associated permissions for easy onboarding and offboarding.

    You can use AD groups synced with Keto to limit dashboard and sensitive data visibility or view permissions across large distributed organisations. You can also easily implement multi-factor authentication.

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  • Evaluation matrices

    Our Evaluation Matrices are fast to tweak and very intuitive. They are data visualisations typically used to help you make decisions on statement requests.

    As well as being great looking, it’s easy to telescope from matrices and use scoring in prioritisation views. You can optimise criteria and grading on the fly – all with no coding. And it’s easy to share your visual thinking and demonstrate value to stakeholders.

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  • EPICs

    The Keto Platform’s requirements and EPICs features make it easy to drive your innovation and development programmes, projects and sprints based on customer requests, regulatory changes, market changes, crowdsourcing etc. You can rapidly create and optimise your requirements definitions to fit your processes and stakeholder reporting needs.

    If you are already working with agile principles you can use familiar user stories and EPICs. It’s easy to list and filter your EPICs, track their progress and report against implemented projects and your choice of metrics. You choose: agile, traditional or hybrid. Whatever your preference, we help you rapidly configure to your needs with no coding.

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  • Budgeting & forecasting   

    The Keto Platform offers huge flexibility for you to log, track and report budgeting, forecasting and actuals with the right routines to maximise your work time. You have the option to work from a single highly configurable view or to break out into granular detail. You can standardise and bring cost transparency across the portfolio. Our advanced business case, forecasting, evaluation and analysis tools will help you optimise decision-making and prove your ROI.

    There are myriad graphical views available and easily configurable to suit your way of working and reporting, like subcontractor costs, unit costs, cost investment breakdowns, NPV, IRR, payback times etc. It’s intuitive to enter new lines, you can easily show PL statements, business case financials or SWOTs and rapidly configure evaluation matrices.

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  • Remote & mobile working 

    Welcome aboard. Your train, now departing from Keto Platform v5, is a world away from reporting in spreadsheets, legacy ERP systems and sprawling apps. The Keto Platform v5 is true Software-as-a-Service. Menus, layout, scaling, it’s all optimised for mobile. There’s no need for a separate mobile or tablet app. No need for a VPN. There are SSO and MFA authentication options. It’s highly secure with local ISO-certified hosting.

    Work from home. Digitise business processes – for the first time – from home, in minutes. Use Keto on the factory floor via a tablet in a quality audit. Submit an idea from your mobile straight from the site. Complete the evaluation decision before the meeting starts.

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  • Language support

    The organisations that use Keto Software are typically large multi-site and multi-national enterprises and public sector bodies. We’ve designed Keto to be hugely scalable and globally accessible.

    There are great tools to easily implement interface language translations and you can easily customise your toolset to fit your business language and corporate culture. You can also easily create process variations across the platform to fit different units’ or countries’ needs, whilst maintaining transparency and comparability.

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  • Task timelines

    This is a very powerful tool in your arsenal. We’ve worked over the years with amazing enterprise PMOs and managers to design very flexible timeline options, above and beyond typical PM software. Of course, familiar basics like GANTT views, tasks, dependencies, attachments, milestones, phases etc. are all easily accessible and intuitive to edit and order.

    You also get the unique ability to blend and switch between agile with Waterfall models and you can do things like follow WBS in the timeline view. As elsewhere across our fully integrated platform, it’s easy to drill down into tasks, resources, budgets, forecasts or risks. And you can instantly report, so it’s no problem to quickly fire off a status report with integrated milestones. With your branding. Straight to email. No need to get your hands dirty in XLS.

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  • Portfolio views

    With the Keto Platform you have the flexibility to work with your choice of portfolio views. You can digitise your entire programme and project portfolio, and run your idea, evaluation or innovation portfolios. You can work with traditional PPM, mix in agile sprints, digitise your innovation process – whatever fits your needs. We help you configure your portfolio views and its typically very customer-specific. Our portfolio engine offers powerful view options: flat, recursive, Kanban, roadmap, prioritisation and dashboard views. There are interactive filtering options, status indicators and you can save views for yourself or to share with colleagues.

    For PMO and TO stars it’s a dream orchestration console. You can easily define limits for project acceptance and set portfolio budget limits for the waterline. We’ve designed the portfolio views so that you can filter, select and rapidly create status reports from templates and instantly export to PDFs – even to XLS if you must! CxOs and stakeholders get intuitive access to business intelligence. You can easily access dashboards and analytics, and you can see project phases at-a-glance, check budget allocation, choose to view with or without expenses, show NPV in prioritisation view, view programme hierarchies etc.

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