Our Team

Keto means “Meadow” in Finnish. Hundreds of different types of flowers and plants grow on the Keto. When you gather them together in a bouquet, you make something beautiful.
Keto Software is a Finnish digital no-code platform that works on a similar principle. It is a meadow for innovation, from all your ideas to your projects and to the end results – like collecting flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

If you have a plan, let it bloom!

It all started with a dream. A desire to develop an agile management software for large manufacturing enterprises. The key to success was an independent software platform; a scalable chameleon that could adapt to many industries and corporate cultures. Focus was first in quality management. Then the path led to supporting innovation and development processes.

Times of growth followed. Keto’s process gained trust amongst the industry leaders. Keto Platform was labelled as flexible, customer orientated and highly versatile software. Redesigning and improving the technology has always been in the core of Keto, so has the user experience. Finding the place in the market, as the insight into the process digitalisation grew. Breakthrough happened in significant partnerships, like KONE and the Finnish Government.

Focus was clearing up as Keto received user experience and customer feedback on how to create more impact and add more value. Growth through expansion of the two offices; in the UK and Switzerland in addition to the one in Finland. Growing demand for an agile SaaS solution for innovation and development in DACH area.

The Keto Platform Version 5.0 launched in 2017 is the realisation of the original vision. It marked a shift from the focus on custom coding in customer environment to the focus on developing our own highly scalable SaaS. Keto customers and partners have high confidence in Keto’s ability to deliver fast. The platform is easily customised with no coding and usable for everyone working globally and remotely.

With the Keto Platform we can significantly contribute to the digital transformation of the business world. We are proud to be an agile player in the digitalisation of business processes, BI tools and analytics. Keto is a prominent software provider in Finland for leading businesses and Finnish government bodies.

KETO continues to be a pioneer in innovation and development management. Ask any CEO what is the ROI of their innovation and development investments. If they have the answer, they must be using Keto.

Meet our team

Veijo Hytti is the CEO of Keto software. He has been in the company since 2015, putting all efforts in growth, scaling and internationalisation. Veijo is a visionary thinker and speaker and loves to work with people.
Business Development, DACH
Tim Bull is our sales director in UK and Ireland. He’s in charge of developing and growing our business in UK.
Business Development Director,
UK, Ireland and North America
Markus Halonen is the founder and the current COO of the company. He can handle anything concerning running the company, as Keto Software is in his DNA.
Veli-Matti Karppinen is our CPO (Chief Product Officer) and works closely with everyone in the company to ensure the best experience to our customers. Veli-Matti is passioned about project management and it shows in his work.
Jari Kuitunen is one of the owners of Keto Software and has a long history of working at Keto Software. In the beginning as a project manager, then taking more responsibilites with the exiting customers. Now he is in charge of the account management, delivery and support.
Chief Customer Officer
Benjamin Särkkä is the Chief Technology Officer of Keto Software. He handles the R&D and is in charge of the Keto Platform and the innovation’s we put out.