Our business intelligence tools include dashboards, interactive and intuitive data visualisations and analytics that give you actionable insight and immediate paths to act to deliver on strategy. Collect, visualise and analyse complex data sets, take snapshots, intuitively filter, monitor performance against strategy, track and identify trends, forecast and then drill down into granular data and, yes, if you’re hungry for more, there are plenty of doughnuts and pies!

Beautiful dashboards are a given with Keto Software – throughout the platform. During implementation we help you configure your favourite views fast with user group-based view permissions. There’s no need for code, so it’s easy to add and optimise dashboards on the fly. It’s also easy to work with multifunction charts that offer interactive filtering and drill-downs into projects, budget, resources and risk. It’s straightforward to visualise and analyse any of your complex data, like budget distribution, ideas by theme, status reports, projects by manager etc. etc.

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