A timesheet is a data table used to track the time spent by employees on various tasks and projects. Typically, it records details like the start and end time of tasks, the tasks performed, their duration, and often includes information about breaks and overtime. Timesheets can serve several purposes such as payroll calculation, client billing, project costing, and productivity analysis.


How do Timesheets work in Keto Software?

In Keto Software, timesheets function as a user-friendly platform for employees to efficiently log their hours spent on various tasks. Users can either freely select tasks from their assigned projects or have their tasks auto-populated based on their assignments and permissions. Additionally, Keto Software provides seamless integration with external ERP and back-office systems, ensuring data consistency and avoiding duplicate entries.

Timesheets in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Timesheets are crucial tools in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) as they provide valuable insights into the time allocation and productivity of resources. Here’s how timesheets with Keto Software can streamline SPM:

Accurate Time Tracking:

Keto Software’s intuitive timesheet functionality allows for precise tracking and reporting of hours spent on projects and tasks. This promotes accountability among team members and ensures accurate tracking of project progress.

Seamless Integration:

The software integrates effortlessly with external ERPs and back-office systems, ensuring data consistency and eliminating redundant data entry.

Comprehensive Insights:

Managers get easy access to timesheet status, helping them track completion rates, monitor routine activities, and gather valuable insights into project progress.

Automated Reporting:

Keto Software generates ready-to-use reports that simplify delivering comprehensive timesheet reports to stakeholders. This feature saves time and effort in creating and disseminating crucial information.

In conclusion, by incorporating Keto Software’s timesheet functionality into your Strategic Portfolio Management process, you can gain enhanced control over your strategic initiatives, ensure accurate tracking of tasks, and optimize the allocation and productivity of your resources. With Keto Software, you get an SPM solution that maximizes efficiency and drives project success.

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