Portfolio views

With the Keto Platform you have the flexibility to work with your choice of portfolio views. You can digitise your entire programme and project portfolio, and run your idea, evaluation or innovation portfolios. You can work with traditional PPM, mix in agile sprints, digitise your innovation process – whatever fits your needs. We help you configure your portfolio views and its typically very customer-specific. Our portfolio engine offers powerful view options: flat, recursive, Kanban, roadmap, prioritisation and dashboard views. There are interactive filtering options, status indicators and you can save views for yourself or to share with colleagues.

For PMO and TO stars it’s a dream orchestration console. You can easily define limits for project acceptance and set portfolio budget limits for the waterline. We’ve designed the portfolio views so that you can filter, select and rapidly create status reports from templates and instantly export to PDFs – even to XLS if you must! CxOs and stakeholders get intuitive access to business intelligence. You can easily access dashboards and analytics, and you can see project phases at-a-glance, check budget allocation, choose to view with or without expenses, show NPV in prioritisation view, view programme hierarchies etc.

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