Resource Allocation

Resource Optimisation    

Resource Optimisation is a strategic process used by businesses to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their workforce, equipment, and other operational resources. It involves planning, scheduling, and allocating resources in a manner that minimises waste, reduces costs, and increases efficiency and profitability. Resource Optimisation, when done effectively, ensures that resources are used at their full capacity and are not over or underutilised.

Resource Allocation

Why do we need Resource Optimisation?

We need Resource Optimisation to ensure that the available resources in an organisation are used effectively and efficiently. It helps to eliminate wasted time, effort, and money by ensuring that each resource is put to the best possible use. Moreover, it aids in avoiding bottlenecks, reducing downtime, and improving overall productivity. Furthermore, it allows for a more balanced workload, preventing burnout among employees and maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Resource Optimisation in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

When applied to Strategic Portfolio Management, Resource Optimisation becomes a critical tool for achieving organisational goals. Here’s how the Keto AI+ Platform aids Resource Optimisation in SPM:

Comprehensive View:

Keto AI+ Platform provides a unified view of unallocated hours, contracted, approved, and spent hours, enabling you to better understand and manage your resources.

Dynamic Reporting:

The platform lets you run instant or scheduled resource utilisation reports, giving you the necessary data to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Efficient Analysis:

You can compare individual hours against weekly quotas, planned vs requested and performed effort, and analyse how competencies have been allocated vs capacity. This level of analysis is crucial for effective resource optimisation.

Process Optimisation:

With the Keto AI+ Platform, you can configure your resource optimisation processes and reporting needs quickly and efficiently.

Through its innovative features, the Keto AI+ Platform significantly enhances Resource Optimisation in Strategic Portfolio Management, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and ultimately, the successful accomplishment of your strategic objectives.

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