Why Choose Keto Software?

Keto means “Meadow” in Finnish. Hundreds of different types of flowers and plants grow on the Keto. When you gather them together in a bouquet, you make something beautiful.
Keto Software is a Finnish digital no-code platform that works on a similar principle. It is a meadow for innovation, from all your ideas to your projects and to the end results – like collecting flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

Here are four good reasons to choose Keto Software for your strategic portfolio management.

Agile and Adaptable

Our no-code platform means that Keto Software can be configured to your requirements better now and be more configurable as your organization changes and/or grows over time.
Software should support your organization, not force you to fit the software.

Complete Functionality

Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time sheets, beautiful reports & dashboards and much more to give you the power to manage your ideas, projects, resources, risks and much more in one place.

Trusted Solution

We are trusted by major organisations around the world to manage and help deliver their vital portfolios.
Keto Software is built to industry standards, including ISO 27001, Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud and Cyber Essentials, with regular security testing.
Tested integrations with other key systems.

Nordic Design

Keto Platform is made entirely in Finland for humans.
It has beautiful easy-to-use UI, that makes the Platform quick to adopt and boosts usage.
It is clean, innovative and reliable.


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