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Keto Platform v5 for innovation and development

Hundreds of different flowers and plants grow on the meadow. When you collect them in a bouquet, you get something really beautiful.

Keto Software is a Finnish digital no-code platform that works with the same ideology. It is a meadow for innovation, its components and the projects that accumulate around them.

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If you have a plan, let it bloom !

From idea and innovation to execution and reporting

Want to find out, how you can take control of your project portfolio, gain transparency and drive change?

Our Platform has been designed with the help of PMO, R&D and IT leaders to help enterprises and public sector organisations gain cost transparency and effectively manage their project portfolio.

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This is what you get in Keto Platform v5, and much more

Digitise processes

See how fast you can replicate and optimise your critical business processes and workflows without coding.

Portfolio View

Get a holistic view of your entire project portfolio in one view and drill down to resources, budgeting, status and risk.

Remote working

See why Keto Software is loved by users and will help you get your people engaged and drive data quality.

Budgeting and forecasting

Learn how Keto Software helps you deliver cost transparency throughout project lifecycles.

Business case

Learn how Keto's tools help you configure and evaluate project business cases and digitise auditable decision making.

Dashboards and reports

Explore the Keto Software dashboard library and our stunningly straightforward reporting tools.

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