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Theme 3: Wish to build and manage your own processes? Maybe you could join the Keto Builder crowd!

Ability to adapt and embrace the changes in business is a must also for enterprise software and no-code configuration is the key to success.

Keto Platform includes easy-to-use configuration tools enabling Key Users to manage continual improvement of their solution, naturally with support available from Keto team.

Adding features in hours rather than months

Keto Builder option includes initial training, collaboration portal and a sandbox environment to build your skills up to certified level for creating your own solutions. This includes the information fields, workflows, report views, features and of course dashboards with KPIs and charts.

All this is possible without any prior knowledge of software development, and we will give you a kick start with our training package.

Keto Builder initial setup and training

Keto Builder option includes the setup of a customer dedicated Sandbox-environment and 6 separate 3-hour online-training sessions for recommended max of 5 participants. Training will enable participants to start configuring existing and new processes on the Keto Platform and achieve a Keto Builder Certification.

Certified Keto Builders have skills and privileges to utilize all platform features, including portfolios, metadata forms and tables, dashboards and charts, frontpage widgets, and manage access rights and various other settings of Keto Platform.

Keto Academy – for Builders and Partners

In addition to the initial conventional Classroom/Teams training Keto will offer a learning & support solution (starting from the second half of 2022) containing the following resources:

Training Portal for learning the skills

Keto builders can join training courses to improve their configuration skills together with Keto support staff. Naturally self-study options are also available.

Resource Library to support your development work

Find the Documentation, Configuration Guides and Templates from the Resource library

Builder Forum for collaboration and networking

Share your solutions and utilize best practices with the Builder network. FAQ and Keto support are also always easily available in case you wish to have specific support.

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You're welcome to study with us and become a Keto Builder yourself!
Veli-Matti Karppinen
Chief Product Officer, Keto Software