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Read our customer Wipak’s story and path to adopting Keto Platform as their R&D project portfolio management tool.

This case study details the evolution of project portfolio management in Wipak’s R&D division, part of the Wihuri Group, a Finnish family-owned global business specializing in packaging solutions for food and medical supplies. Wipak, with a history dating back to 1967, has expanded globally with numerous manufacturing sites and sales offices across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Initially, product development at Wipak was unstructured, leading to inefficiencies and challenges in managing projects. To address this, an intranet system was introduced to track and store documentation, which was used until 2014. However, this system did not fully address project management issues.

The introduction of lean thinking led to the implementation of a “gate method,” marking critical phases in the development process and requiring specific approvals to proceed. This necessitated a more sophisticated tool than the existing intranet and spreadsheets.

In 2015, Wipak adopted the Keto Software Platform, which significantly improved project management. The platform allowed for harmonization of processes across units while accommodating local needs and integrating with the company’s SAP system. It initially focused on the technical aspects of product development but later incorporated commercial aspects, including sales support and raw material availability.

The Keto Platform was upgraded to version 5 in 2021, enhancing user features and involving broader aspects of the business, including purchases, quality, and supply chain. The platform now provides improved visibility over the entire project portfolio, aiding in decision-making and project progression.

Lotta Mantere, a key user of the platform, highlights its benefits in terms of visibility, ease of reporting, and ISO audit management. The platform’s versatility and customization options are noted, although there remains potential to explore more of its capabilities.

The case study underscores the importance of adapting and enhancing project management tools to meet evolving business needs and the positive impact of such tools on efficiency and overall project success.

Our process is now more systematic as everything can be reported on the platform. This has greatly increased the visibility throughout the portfolio. The Platform is user-friendly, the fields are very easy to customize.
Lotta Mantere
R&D Engineer
Keto Platform enabled wider scale portfolio management for Wipak than ever before. There's also the fact, that with Keto's tool, Wipak has experienced it very easy to manage their ISO audits, as all project related info and required acceptance decisions are documented in one system.
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