Walki breaths innovation

Walki uses Keto Software to prove strategic value with business case analytics, to improve decision-making and take products to market faster.

Walki Group, an international company in the packaging and materials industry, is dedicated to creating a zero-waste future. With operations across Europe and Asia, the company had a 2019 turnover of about €400 million and employs around 1,000 people. Organised in three business areas—Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging, and Engineered Materials—Walki is renowned for its innovation, a key part of its strategy.

Annika Sundell, Executive Vice President for Innovation, underscores Walki’s strong innovation history and the abundance of ideas generated across the organisation. However, she notes challenges in resource efficiency and alignment of projects with the company’s strategy. Walki sought to improve oversight and accelerate time to market.

Transitioning from a manufacturing to a market-oriented approach, Walki needed a flexible software solution for project portfolio management that accommodated its diverse industry sectors and varied internal stakeholders. They chose Keto Software for its adaptability, ease of implementation, and advanced features, including agile sprint options.

Implementing Keto Software, Walki gained enhanced visibility and transparency in its operations. The innovation team benefits from comprehensive dashboards and analytics, while leadership easily accesses key performance indicators. Project managers utilise the software for standardised reporting.

The software also aids in developing business cases for innovation projects, allowing for detailed analysis of revenue, product information, and strategic alignment. This enables better decision-making and insight into market trends.

Sundell emphasises the importance of engaging with software vendors for effective implementation. The success of the Keto implementation is attributed to its quick adaptability and the confidence it instilled in the team.

In conclusion, Walki continues to advance its innovative capabilities, supported by efficient processes and tools like Keto Software, enhancing its ability to rapidly innovate and bring products to market. The management team plans to further integrate Keto’s capabilities, particularly in budget forecasting.

We have a powerful combination: an innovative culture, proven processes and efficient tools for rapid decision-making.
Annika Sundell
EVP Innovation
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