Valmet, a global leader in technologies, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries, has successfully harmonized its product development portfolio using Keto's project portfolio management platform. This transition, which included Valmet Automation in 2020, has unified all R&D portfolios within the company, enhancing transparency and ensuring consistent reporting across its four business lines.

Jukka Ylijoki, VP of R&D at Valmet Automation, praises Keto for its ease of use and versatility, essential for managing their diverse R&D projects, which include software, electronics, measurement technology, and system development. Keto’s adaptability was particularly beneficial in addressing the unique needs of software development stages. The platform’s user-friendly interface and quick response times have significantly simplified project management, leading to more reliable and up-to-date data for decision-making.

One of Keto’s standout features is its customisable project portfolio views, enabling Valmet to filter and analyze projects based on various criteria, ensuring no overlap in work and sharing best practices across the group. This unified reporting has increased efficiency and effectiveness in operations.

Keto’s flexibility extends to system customisation, with technical administrators at Valmet trained to independently adjust platform parameters. This adaptability is evident in the management of Valmet Automation’s diverse and numerous R&D projects, ranging from long-term product maintenance to developing new content for existing and potential market areas.

The Keto platform has become integral to Valmet’s project management, supporting over 150 user accounts. It provides key project figures, facilitates project and budget approvals, and monitors key KPIs. Integration with Valmet’s ERP system and Power BI system enables seamless project cost tracking and data visualization.

Real-time data from Keto supports better decision-making, allowing Valmet Automation to evaluate potential project candidates and track the current status and budget alignment of ongoing projects. The recent switch to Keto version 5 and the ongoing collaboration with Keto experts exemplify a successful implementation and development process.

Valmet values Keto’s ISO 27001 certification, ensuring high standards in information security management, vital for handling sensitive R&D data. With a history spanning over 200 years and net sales of approximately €3.7 billion in 2020, Valmet continues to lead in its industries, bolstered by Keto’s robust project management capabilities in its Automation business line, serving industries from pulp and paper to energy and beyond.

Keto helps us measure the return on investment. We can see at a glance the ROI of each project.
Jukka Ylijoki
VP, R&D Automation
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