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Kanta-Häme Hospital District in-depth Case Study

Kanta-Häme Hospital District (KHSHP), headquartered in Hämeenlinna, Southern Finland, is an organization responsible for managing public social and health services in the Kanta-Häme region. This includes overseeing activities in 11 member municipalities, such as Riihimäki, Forssa, and Hämeenlinna. Serving approximately 170,000 customers, the central hospital experiences around 65,000 annual visits and employs about 3,500 staff members in care and administrative roles.

Situation Prior to Implementing Keto Software

Before adopting Keto Software’s tools, KHSHP faced challenges in operational development and IT architecture. Project management was largely fragmented, relying on XLS spreadsheets and independent functioning of the development team and the project office. This resulted in inefficient information flow and sometimes incoherent reporting to the board.

Harri Heinonen, the Project Manager, was tasked with defining and overseeing the portfolio management process, supporting project managers, and ensuring proper governance and training.

Transition to Keto v5 Platform

To streamline IT-related project management, KHSHP unified its project office with the development team under the Keto v5 platform in 2020. This integration facilitated more efficient resource and data use, enhancing the connection between IT architecture, project management, and overall management. The adoption of Keto v5 marked a significant reduction in manual work, particularly in merging financial and project management data.

Keto v5 has become an indispensable link between the project office, development team, and management, ensuring continuous service post-project completion.

Benefits for Project Managers

Heinonen praised Keto’s user-friendly interface and the improved quality of data, which has reduced overlaps and saved time for project managers. The automated dashboards provide an immediate overview, allowing more focus on development.

Challenges and Future Plans

Despite the benefits, encouraging staff adoption of the new system presented challenges. Transitioning from spreadsheets to direct task recording required adjustment, but it’s becoming the new norm, enhancing efficiency and reporting accuracy.

Looking ahead, KHSHP aims to harmonise its IT architecture, which includes the Keto tool, LifeCare patient information systems, various manual and digital integrations, and conventional communication methods. A significant organisational change planned for 2023 will require better focus and collaboration. Keto is expected to play an expanded role in the upcoming hospital building project, improving project visibility and validation processes.

Overall, Keto has supported KHSHP in enhancing project management efficiency, with ongoing efforts to refine board reporting and dashboard creation in collaboration with Keto’s team.

The system saves us a lot of time and helps our project managers in their daily work. The automation of dashboards is appreciated, and the big picture is now available immediately.
Harri Heinonen
Project Manager
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