Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Digital and Population Data Services Agency (formerly The Finnish Population Register) adopted Keto Software as a project portfolio management solution.

In this in-depth case study we look at how Digital and Population Data Services has used the Keto v5 Platform in their project portfolio management. The system was introduced to the Agency in 2018 from the Ministry of Finance.

Keto Platform smoothens the usage of project data as part of project management by bringing good visuals and dashboards to current portfolio situation. We will utilize our survey and experiences from the users when developing the new project portfolio service. Thanks to the recent procurement the new service package will be more modern and user-friendly. The service includes support for resource management and its content is easy to design for various purposes. Additionally the service enables open interfaces to other systems and one can access the system with our Virtu login.
Paavo Laakso
Development Director
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