Take the SAFe train

Take the SAFe train with Keto Software

Take the SAFe train

What is SAFe?

SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework and is a system for implementing business agility. It is based on agile software development, lean product development, and systems thinking.

The goal of this framework is to achieve business agility and ensure that even large-scale development projects run smoothly by clearly describing the needed roles and responsibilities.

The result? Faster decision making, greater solution quality, and better resource allocation and team productivity.

Take the SAFe train with Keto Software

Ready to start your organisation’s journey from traditional project management into a modern agile environment? Take the SAFe train with Keto Software – The platform for scaled agile framework!

Keto is the first software company to launch a full-scale platform of tools for managing innovation portfolios with both traditional (waterfall) and scaled agile (SAFe) project principles. Within a single project, you can manage both waterfall and agile methods.

Many organisations are increasingly focusing on innovations and continuous development. The traditional methods will still be widely used, but new tools are required to manage both traditional and agile projects within the same project and project portfolio. Keto provides you an easy railroad towards the agile direction. We have made it really simple to combine the best of both worlds into an easy-to-use package.

Now you can continue from project portfolio as a leading principle towards a modern agile framework. You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • System-thinking: A holistic view of all resources, tasks, timelines, ideas in your development and innovation portfolio
  • Transparency: In decentralised decision-making people have access to all knowledge in the organisation and can easily participate
  • Higher ROI: Innovation analytics enables a better understanding of risks and rewards in innovation portfolio and continuous learning

Take the SAFe train with us – it’ll be a great journey.

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