Balancing Keto AI+'s Potential with Data Privacy and Security

Balancing Keto AI+’s Potential with Data Privacy and Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) services, such as Keto AI+, have generated significant buzz lately due to their enormous potential. However, there are also valid concerns and criticisms surrounding data privacy and security.

Balancing Keto AI+'s Potential with Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

OpenAI offers free access to ChatGPT, making it easy for users to incorporate the tool into their work. However, this has raised concerns when employees have inadvertently submitted confidential information that should remain private. OpenAI may use this data to develop and train their language models further. It’s recommended that organisations establish policies that restrict the free tool’s use to public information only, although enforcing this may prove challenging due to the tool’s clear advantages.

A more secure alternative is using ChatGPT’s API interface. OpenAI confirms that data transmitted via the API will not be used for training language models. Keto AI+ Platform takes advantage of this API connection for enhanced security, currently representing the most secure option available.

Keto AI+ provides a high level of control over the data sent to ChatGPT API interface. All requests are implemented through customisable AI templates, granting Keto Builders field-level control over the data shared. This offers more control than simply instructing employees on responsible AI usage.

GDPR and data location

OpenAI has not disclosed their server locations, but it’s probable that they are situated in the United States. This creates a challenge for European organisations complying with EU GDPR legislation, currently limiting the use of OpenAI’s API access. This issue is anticipated to be resolved soon by OpenAI. Microsoft has started offering ChatGPT as a part of their Azure OpenAI Service, providing improved control over server locations.

Keto AI+ utilises Azure OpenAI Service for its European clients, ensuring that data processing takes place in Amsterdam, and no data processing is done outside the EU. This enables compliance with GDPR requirements. Nevertheless, in AI+ implementations, it’s recommended not to send any personal information to AI services.

AI Act and Responsible Use of AI

The rapid progress of AI offers immense potential that organisations cannot afford to overlook to stay competitive. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Europe has initiated efforts to develop the AI Act, which aims to protect the population from potential dangers and prevent undesirable developments, whilst ensuring that AI research and development in Europe remains viable and globally competitive.

At Keto, we are dedicated to providing AI services that do not harm society or individuals. By addressing concerns related to data privacy, security, and responsible AI usage, we can continue to harness the potential of AI technology whilst mitigating potential risks.

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