Where to find Ideas?

For the managements perspective this is setting direction on what ideas are interesting and respected. Not just asking people to be creative but asking the right questions that provoke learning and letting the creativity of individuals create possible solutions. Some call this Innovation Strategy but I like to think that it’s really no different from business strategy. Poor business strategy won’t give direction on where the business wants to go. Poor business strategy is not communicated to people in a way that gives them direction on what ideas and information will help the organization to reach their objectives.
To support management’s efforts resources need to be focused to create campaigns that are designed for specifically to focus everyone’s attention on improving and sustaining innovation. Innovation campaigns should have designated starting and finishing time and focus to generate new ideas in certain areas. This is supported by the theory of three horizons that emphasizes that organizations need to focus 20{2f60ce38d84cd811a39593a0d1a02fb12d326f90c8c14cae55f2d0901a1fee71} of resources into developing new business and 10{2f60ce38d84cd811a39593a0d1a02fb12d326f90c8c14cae55f2d0901a1fee71} uncarting new business possibilities. The trick on this is that you need totally different mindset on developing your business vs uncarting new possibilities.



When you’re targeting your efforts to develop your current business, it’s like a chess game. You know the pieces, you know what they can and cannot do. You know what your competition is going to do, and you know what your customer needs from you in order to win the game. You can think out many moves in advance, and in fact, you have to, if you’re going to win.


With new business opportunities, you have to plan your approach entirely differently. You’re not playing chess anymore. Now you’re playing poker. You don’t know all the information in advance. Instead, you have to decide whether to spend additional money to stay in the game to see the next card.

Markus Halonen/Keto Software