Strategy & Change

The Keto Software toolkit for Strategy, Transformation and Change management brings beautiful clarity to change management programmes for transformation offices and business leaders.

Our friendly and easy-to-deploy platform helps you align your project portfolio, resource activities and risk to your corporate strategy. With a bias for action, Keto Software helps you deliver on strategy, make effective decisions, report efficiently and measure your transformation. It’s time to deliver change.

Keto Software strategy & change features

  • Hierarchical linking of strategies, objectives and actions
  • Strategy portfolio view with all data in one place
  • Views to activities, tasks and resource utilisation
  • Mobile-friendly, human-centric UX for efficient data entry
  • Easy to deploy, use and configure (drag and drop)
  • No-code integration with SAP, AD, Jira, Trello etc.
  • Link Agile and Waterfall projects for hybrid project management
  • What If? scenario planning
  • Backlog and Kanban boards for tasks
  • Configurable Decision Matrix, Sizing Tool and Risk/Benefits
  • Easy creation, tracking and reporting of KPIs
  • Financial performance metric views
  • Easily customisable dashboards from a large library
  • Automated always-on reporting

Benefits of our intelligent, human-centric, no-code platform

  • Designed for remote working with no need for on-site IT during implementation, roll-out or in use
  • Align project decisions to corporate strategy for transformation and change
  • Enable the TO office to engage stakeholders and orchestrate programmes
  • Holistic view over your entire transformation program
  • Achieve transparency with strategy deployment
  • Guide actions across the organisation
  • Make better data-driven project, resource and risk decisions
  • Easily drill down to project resources, timelines and status
  • Gain cost transparency and forecasting
  • Easily assign roles and responsibilities
  • Attach relevant documents to relevant steps
  • Encourage a more simplified, standardised, agile way of working
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