Let’s POC

What do we mean with a POC?

  • Gathering feedback, learning and evolving in workshops
  • Matching the software with your own processes
  • Minimizing project risks before engaging
  • Collaborating to align expectations
  • Defining success
  • Proofing of the planned and expected results / performance
  • Basis for the detailed Keto offer

Targets of POC

  • To understand the common organisational interests, differences and challenges in order to jointly define a solution which builds on your strengths
  • To experience the value Keto can provide in the digital transformation of your business
  • To find and to share the mutual understanding and best practices to develop the leading innovation programme

Summary of our generic implementation process consists of the following stages:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.10.07
1. Project set up

  • Virtual or personal meeting for demo and presentation

2. POC set up and intensive use during 4 weeks

Workshop 1 Discovery

  • Background, targets and expectations
  • Benchmarking & best practices  Your own ”Touch”
  • Identifying your high potential / low risk topics
  • Definition the POC coverage – depth vs. width of functonalities
  • Specification and parameters of functions for customization
  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Kick-off
  • 2 weeks Sprint 1: setting up first demo

Virtual follow up sessions when required

Workshop 2 Navigation

  • Demo meeting and specifications for Sprint 2
  • 2 weeks Sprint 2: demo finalised
  • Acceptance meeting
  • Feedback meeting for drafting the content of Live use Offer
  • In total 4 weeks POC duration

Review and Feedback

  • User feedback
  • Review of concept
  • Return on results
  • Changes and improvements
  • Input for detailed offer

A fixed price based on number of functions – this amount will be credited when contract for Keto will be signed after POC.

3. Proposed Live use after go decision

  • Pilot adjustments for Sprint 3-6
  • Integrations
  • Training of key users
  • Launch communication
  • Pilot acceptance
  • Pilot for limited use
  • Global roll-out