AI and Project Management

Keto in latest episode on the People and Projects Podcast on “AI Tools in Project Management: Myths vs Reality”.

AI and Project Management

Veijo Hytti and Timothy Bull joined with Andy in a People and Projects Podcast. They explore the impact of AI on project management and the integration of AI into enterprise software. The discussion addresses the hype and misconceptions surrounding AI, as well as the practical applications and benefits of AI in project management.

The discussion also delves into the capabilities of Keto Software and the ways in which AI is seamlessly integrates into their strategic portfolio management software. The conversation explores the challenges, benefits, and ethical considerations of AI integration, as well as the impact of AI on human behavior and decision-making. Wondering what the future implications are of AI in project management? You won’t want to miss this discussion.

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Keto’s Veijo Hytti and Timothy Bull greatly enjoyed doing this podcast and hope you get value out of it too!