Lean PMO

Lean PMO

Keto Software offers a range of powerful, flexible and friendly tools that enable you to blend both more modern Agile and Lean PMO methods with more traditional WBS-based ways of working. In changing environments, PMOs face pressure to gain and retain transparency across complex programmes.

Lean PMO

To respond to rapid market, customer and regulatory needs, you need to orchestrate innovation, resources and risk faster and more decisively than ever.

Our lean PMO is a flexible approach. We designed the Keto Platform v5 so you can become a more lean organisation and choose to adopt Scaled Agile methodologies as and when it suits you. Our user-friendly tools for Lean portfolio management, data visualisation, decision-making and reporting will give you more control and the ability to optimise at scale.

Flexible tools for Lean PMO to fit your unique environment

Our experience with major organisations has taught us that empowering Lean PMOs can revolutionise innovation and development. Flexibility and simplicity are key.

Our Agile PPM tools will help you gain: faster, more intuitive data entry; more insightful and auditable decision-making; stronger, more transparent internal stakeholder communication; stickier, more natural engagement across units and teams – all while retaining the flexibility to have processes and workflows optimised for different teams, with the ability to compare and easily report.

Visualisations of your portfolios, status reports, phases, tasks, resource loading, budget tracking, risk status, and staples, like GANTT presentations are simplified, intuitive and beautiful.

Unified data model and fully integrated platform

Do you have one place of truth for all your portfolio-related data? We’ll help you get there. Keto Software helps you to digitise processes, some for the first time, and optimise others – with no coding and easy integration with legacy systems. It’s why we make POC and implementation so fast.

The Keto Platform v5 is fully integrated. Your data is always available, insightful, ready for action. In portfolio views, you can easily take a holistic snapshot, and then drill in to complex ready-made project status reports. Select programmes, look at visualisations of resource loading and drill down into task competence analysis. Switch effortlessly from Agile to Waterfall projects. Compare portfolio scenarios against multiple objectives. As you adopt Agile PPM processes you can track duration/effort and the cost of delay to get WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) priorities. Telescope out from your task timeline into phases, across to your risk register and into budget breakdowns, forecasting and eNPV indicators.

Our unified approach gives you incredible power to orchestrate your portfolios with increased agility, efficiency and transparency, so you and your colleagues can make much better decisions and prove your Return On Innovation.


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