Good News from Keto

Good News from Keto

I’m very happy to announce that we are now publishing our first Keto News. Our aim is to give you some insights into innovation, development, portfolio management and technology. And naturally some news about our latest product releases and company plans.

Good News from Keto

This is neither an advertisement nor a typical customer magazine. We would like you to learn from the customer use cases and articles and we hope that the content brings you some new ideas for yourself. And even helps you to develop your skills and knowledge. That is why we call this a functional magazine, not a pure customer magazine. And all the feedback and content ideas are very welcome. Our tone of voice is open and transparent. This is not about telling you how great we are. We want to ask the question: How can we help you to succeed and make your business better?

What’s going on at Keto Software?

Just a few words about us. We’ve had just pure luck that Covid has not hurt our business at all. We have been fully digitally capable for some years and the business has been running without problems. But working almost fully remotely has caused us new big challenges such as how to keep and develop our culture and how to take care of our people. We started first with weekly virtual coffees which have proved to be a very good way of bringing us together. We have learned from our colleagues even more or at least new things when we all join the coffee meeting from our homes.

2022 will be the most important year for our company. We are now raising capital and looks like we are able to close our A-round during the coming weeks. We just signed our first-ever investor and we are just about to sign some other as well. Even if we have a great product and wonderful customer references, it’s been a unique and at the same time not a typical case for investors. We have a platform consisting of several applications, it’s really holistic and normally these kinds of products are owned by 100x larger companies. And we are probably the smallest software company certified with ISO27001. Information security is paramount for Keto.

We aim to double the revenue during 2022. We’ll be launching Keto Platform in Germany during Q4 and we’ve been building our partner concept to be launched during Q3 in European main markets. We’ll strengthen our teams in Finland, the UK and DACH.

Looking forward to a successful year 2022 with you.

Veijo Hytti, CEO

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