Platform 5 Lifeline. 2020 MRR Growth +50%, H1 2021 estimate +40%.

Year 2020 was a very different and full of surprises. Just like in life, we faced all kinds of surprises. We won and we learnt a lot. Covid-19 and Brexit affected our business in the UK where we were not able to reach the growth targets. Thanks to our existing long-standing customers we were able to grow the recurring revenue. We won also many new customers and were able to accomplish ISO27001 certificate. Other highlights of the year were mainly to build the ability and skills for remote delivery. We had first customers where we implemented the software without meeting the customers face-to-face. 2020 was the year to transform the company from R&D mode into sales and marketing mode. A big cultural change! And big thanks to Microsoft Teams we were able to work efficiently and service our clients around Europe.

Year 2021 looks very promising. We have a very strong new business pipeline in all our focus markets: Nordics, the UK and DACH. We will set up operations in Germany and we will fulfill the growing challenges that the German manufacturing industries are facing in digitalization and sustainability. Our aim is to double the MRR during 2021 without external funding. The company is still self-funded and owned by 5 employees.

After H1 2021 hopefully we have the new normal. The future is bright the future is in no-code technology and user-friendliness.

We wish you all successful year 2021. Stay healthy. Stay positive.