Resource Management

Keto Software resource management tools and timesheets are designed for managers that want to digitise resource processes and optimise resource loading. As usual, what makes our resource solution stand out is that it is so easy to configure and user-friendly.

You don’t need coding or a heavy IT project to get started and you have the familiar beautiful Keto feel and seamless flow of data.

We’ve simplified visualisations for resource loading, status reporting, phases, tasks and dependencies. Use intuitive forecasting, realised expenses and hour reporting and make better decisions across your entire portfolio.

Keto Software features for resource mgmt

  • SaaS designed for remote working and mobile friendly
  • Easy-to-use resource management tools
  • Electronic timesheets and hour recording
  • Budgeting, forecasting and realised expenses
  • Configurable decision matrix, sizing tool and risk/benefits
  • GANTT charts and task dependencies
  • What If? scenario planning
  • Integrated Kanban boards
  • Beautiful customisable dashboards
  • Automated reporting
  • Integrate Agile and Waterfall projects
  • Easy-to-configure customisable project workflows and decision gates
  • Easy integration with SAP, ActiveDirectory, Jira, Oracle etc.

Benefits of our human-centric, no-code platform

  • Encourage and leverage remote working
  • Implement and digitise resource processes with no coding or heavy IT project
  • Take control of all project and portfolio resources throughout their lifecycle
  • Balance resource capacity with demand and optimise work management
  • Optimise resource investments and budgets
  • Access all project and resource data in one place
  • Easily assign roles and responsibilities
  • Encourage more simplified, standardised, transparent and agile working
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