Idea & Innovation

Keto Software's easy-to-use tools are designed to digitise idea & innovation portfolio management processes.

Our software adapts to your business processes whether you are ideating from crowdsourcing, regulatory mandates or technical requirements.

Implementation is fast and friendly thanks to our no-code platform. We simplify always-on reporting so you can prove continuous value. We have the perfect tools for innovation leaders, Lean PMO, IT PMO experts and R&D chiefs, built for tough enterprise and public sector environments.

Keto Software features for idea & innovation management

  • Comprehensive enterprise idea & innovation management tools
  • Business case planning, scoring, evaluation and approvals
  • Idea portfolio, including all-in-one view
  • Integrated Kanban boards
  • Unique hybrid Agile and Waterfall charts
  • What If? scenario planning
  • No-code integration with SAP, AD, Jira, Oracle etc.
  • Easy-to-configure with drag and drop GUIs
  • Easy-to-use human-centric UX for end users
  • No heavy end-user training required
  • Crowdsource and engage with submissions, votes and comments
  • Attach relevant documents to relevant steps
  • Beautiful dashboards
  • Automated always-on reporting, including recognition and achievement reports
  • Proven rapid, fixed cost, non-invasive POC process

Benefits of our intelligent, human-centric, no-code platform

  • Designed for remote working and mobile-friendly
  • Digitise the entire idea and innovation lifecycle, from requirements to go-to-market
  • Grow your culture of innovation, collaboration and sharing
  • Increase your ideation rate and hit rate
  • Gain cost and resource transparency throughout the lifecycle, and across teams and business units
  • Engage your workforce, partners and customers in campaigns
  • Rapidly implement innovation campaigns to react to change e.g. safety, regulatory, environmental etc.
  • Encourage agile working
  • More easily assign roles and responsibilities
  • Make better data-driven project decisions
  • Encourage a simplified and standardised way of working
  • Demonstrate continuous value
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